CFH Introduction

CFH Wealth is a platform for collectors and contemporary artists enabling the buying and selling of art including ancient art and contemporary art collections.

CFH Wealth also  organises various fashion art activities which invite renowned collectors or artists, celebrities and stars to participate in activities for members and shareholders in its own art space near Shanghai’s historic Bund.

As a result of the close relationship between CFH Wealth and its members, shareholders and artists

plus its specialist art experts you can be sure of the best prices and authenticity of the artworks.CFH Wealth is listed on Shanghai Equity Exchange and has local government  support. It also has established its own auction house to minimise overheads and maximise returns.

So, why become a member of CFH Wealth?

a) We can sell to our collectors and shareholders through some of our members only events and functions.

b) We can we can sell your work to our network of collectors and to outsiders through our auction house.

c) We can store your work for a longer period and you become a CFH Wealth shareholder for consistent year on year growth. Please contact our representative for more details of our attractive shareholder policies.