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Wu Qingxia

Wu Qingxia (1910 - 2008), female, scientific name Wu Deschutes, No. Dragon history of women, not the Department Fragrance incense Gezhu. Changzhou of Jiangsu. For the southern collectors, connoisseurs Mr. Wu Zhongxi of Nvgong Zi. 1934 with Li Qiujun, Zhou Lian Xia, LiuXiaoMan etc. Chinese woman painting will. 1956 employed as Shanghai Chinese Painting artist. His works, "colorful" selected Japan's "world famous paintings collection." Italy, European Academy, Shanghai Chinese Painting artist. The Chinese Artists Association, American Association Shanghai branch director, director of the China International Cultural Exchange Center, Shanghai Literature and Arts Committee, Italian European Academy, Hangzhou Xiling Seal Society members, Shanghai MuseumLibrarian. The main work, "colorful", "off Hohai into the sky", "soar Miles" and so on. The publication of "WU QINGXIA Paintings."

WU QINGXIA Exhibition

1997 went to celebrate the reunification of Hong Kong to participate in exhibitions and published ten country album.

1995 Shanghai Education Publishing House, a famous contemporary Chinese Chinese painter train "WU QINGXIA Paintings."

1993 personal exhibition held in Singapore and the publication of "WU QINGXIA Paintings."

1992 employed as a part-time art department of Shanghai Jiaotong University professor emeritus. Personal income Britain Biography Biography is published by the Centre, "Who art world", "world famous women biographies."

1990 went to Beijing to Tiananmen Square for a large painting "off Hohai into the sky."

1988 went to the University of California at Los Angeles, lectures, art exhibitions in New York living in America.

1986 went to Shenzhen, Hong Kong held a personal exhibition and publication of "WU QINGXIA Paintings."

1984 five works in the French National Autumn Salon exhibition. Italy, Europe was awarded the Academy.