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Fang Lijun

Fang Lijun, born in 1963 in Hebei Province, in 1989 graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now lives in Beijing, a professional painter. Important exhibitors are: Sixth National Art Exhibition, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Art Exhibition, Chinese avant-garde art exhibition, New Art Post-1989 China, Dongfang Road, Dongfang Road, China New Art, Fourth Asian Art Exhibition, China Art Exhibition, Chinese avant-garde art exhibitions, China! , Perspective: New Chinese Art, I, open channel, open borders, the new century Modernism.

Fang Lijun exhibition

2012 "Art Rong Two Rivers" - the Yangtze River in Chongqing China Hui Contemporary Art Exhibition

2009 August 30 "Sea Sky", Bielefeld, Germany

2002 He Xiangning Art Museum "Image is Power" exhibition.

1999 "open channel", Dongyu Museum, Shenyang, China
    "Open borders", 48 China Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
    "The new century modernism", Lymm Gallery, San Francisco, USA
    "Fifth Asian Art Exhibition", Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka,

1998 "Perspective: New Chinese Art", Asia Society Museum, New York, United States
    "Black and white", Contemporary China, London, UK
    "500010", Contemporary China, more than fort, Spain
    "Yes I am," Labor People's Cultural Palace, Beijing, China
    "Fang Lijun exhibition," serious Zhakan Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    "Fang Lijun exhibition," Derek Tolstoy Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    "Fang Lijun exhibition," Max Provincetown Tektronix Gallery, New York, USA

1996 "Beijing, no, not soap opera," Masi Tuo, Munich
    "Dialogue with China", Ludwig Forum, Azerbaijan, Germany
    "Title, Hiroshima" Hiroshima Museum of Modern Art
    "Four crossover point", Galerie de France, Paris, France
    Fang Lijun work "China! "Art Museum, Bonn, Germany
    "Fang Lijun exhibition" Tokyo Foundation